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Giving Play to the Open Advantage to Stimulate Market Vitality Building Innovation Awareness to Lead the Development Trend

--Review of Print China and Outlook

Print China and China Print went hand in hand

On the afternoon of May 10, 2017, when the 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (“China Print 2017”) was in progress, The Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China, The Printing and Replicating Industrial Association of Guangdong and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation jointly held the Press Conference and Launch Ceremony for the Fourth International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) (“Print China 2019”) at the China International Exhibition Center (new venue) in Beijing. The Organizing Committee declared that Print China 2019 would be held in Dongguan, China once again on April 9-13 in 2019. The big news was quickly brought to the attention of people in the printing industry both in China and abroad.

The wonderful previous sessions of Print China

Time elapses quickly. Print China 2015 was organized two years ago at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Dongguan, China on April 7-12. A recall of the grand occasion still sent a surge of emotions and thoughts in one’s heart. Under the guidance of competent government departments at all levels of the Country, the innovative Print China 2015 featuring substantially improved services and a leading role achieved tremendous success thanks to the support of exhibitors and buyers from at home and abroad. Just as expected, the event turned out to be a distinctive high-level world printing exhibition that is innovative and brand-oriented. The success of Print China 2015 has contributed greatly to the sustained and healthy development of the world printing industry under the new situation. 


With the theme of “green, efficiency, digitalization and intelligence”, Print China 2015 was oriented to the concept of “technology-led and innovation-driven” and aimed to provide both buyers and exhibitors with professional, efficient and first-rate services. The event used up the exhibition halls of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center with a total display area of 140,000 m2, up by 16.67% over the previous session. 1328 exhibitors (about 34.8% were from overseas) from 28 countries and regions attended the exhibition, up by 5.31% over the previous session. The number of professional buyers hit a record high of 206154 visits. They came from 146 countries and regions worldwide, an increase of 20.38% over the previous session. In particular, professional associations and media across the country, including those in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, organized as many as 68 purchase groups while printing and packaging associations, trade promotion agencies and printing enterprises from foreign countries mobilized 80 purchase groups to attend the exhibition. The event gathered almost all the star manufacturers in the world printing equipment manufacturing sector, which displayed various leading printing equipment, printing materials and consumables as well as the latest printing solutions in the industry. In that way Print China 2015 presented a grand feast of the best printing technologies and products to professional buyers at home and aboard.

Throughout the event, the exhibition site was packed with people and the transaction market was active. Speaking excitedly, many exhibitors said they met the most Chinese and foreign customers at Print China 2015 than at any other exhibition. The trade result was far better than expected.


“We displayed our latest technological applications and cutting-edge development trends at the exhibition. The result was quite satisfactory considering the total number of visitors, customer feedback and volume of transaction,” said Mr. Huang Lianguang, CEO of Heidelberg China Limited.

“We got far more than what we have expected at the exhibition, which brought positive energy and new directions for the global printing sector. In particular, it was worth mentioning that a “Profit Storm” has swept the exhibition with diversified profit growth points being opened up for customer in various sectors,” said Mr. Hejduk, Vice President of Global Sales for KBA Group.

“Print China 2015 provided us with a platform for displaying and promoting new products and technologies. Though the exhibition lasted only for a few days, it brought us face to face with many premium customers with clear intention to buy. The exhibition result exceeded our expectations,” said Mr. Tang Xiantao, Manager of Production-Type Printing Market Dept. of Ricoh China.

Mr. Yang Shiyuan, GM of Shantou Shanhe Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., talked excitedly about the exhibition effect. The company achieved complete success at the exhibition with the signing of purchase orders with both Chinese purchasers and purchasers from Russian, India, Korea, Indonesia and other foreign countries. Orders of up to 18 pieces of equipment were signed on the spot.


According to rough statistics, the transaction amount of Print China 2015(including the amount of intended transactions) totaled nearly 6 billion RMB, up by about 20% over the second session. Compared to Print China 2011, Print China 2015 was much bigger with much better results, making itself the largest printing exhibition in China and the second largest in the world, only behind Drupa. It emerged into the largest global event for the printing industry in 2015 delivering the highest grade, widest influence and best effects.


During the exhibition while printing elites worldwide gathered in Dongguan, the Organizers gave full play to the model role of the exhibition in information gathering and market spreading by hosting 60-plus commendation, symposium, international fellowship and technical exchange activities. They include Awarding Ceremony for The Fifth China Print Awards, Forum-PT 2015, Global Print 2015, Asia Print, The Indian Day, and Chinese Korean Printing Fraternity. These activities provided the direction and momentum for sustained healthy growth of the world printing industry, and have been widely participated and appraised by the printing circles.

Success to continue at Print China 2019

As the reporter has learned from Print China Show Company Limited, one of the organizers of the exhibition, Print China 2019 will be based on the recent instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of Guangdong Province. It can be summed up as four “keeps”, three “supports” and two “leads”. Themed on “intelligence-led, integrative innovation, service transformation and green development”, Print China 2019 strives to build a national product showcase and cross-border purchase platform that brings China’s printing sector to related industries in countries along the 21st maritime Silk Road. Print China 2019 aims to cultivate the modern printing industry in China that is rooted in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area, as well as an important gateway and platform for innovation and entrepreneurship that features foreign processing trade and strong spillover function. Giving priority to supply-side reform of China’s printing sector, the Organizers will, in addition to a comprehensive display of advanced printing equipment, printing material and related services as with each previous sessions, focus on promoting cutting-edge printing philosophies, technologies, equipment, materials and modes that came forth with the integrative innovation of the traditional printing industry and modern high technologies.


Print China 2019 will especially encourage the exhibition of new technologies and research findings in technology, process, service and management innovation, support the display and exchange of green printing, nano-printing among other new materials and technologies and boost the development of printed electronics, 3D printing, photonic crystal preparation and other strategic new segments of printing. It will aid the integration of printing with other industries, promote the cultivation of new business, and support printing enterprises with the right conditions to explore towards culture and art, creative design, virtual reality(VR), augmented reality (AR) and other areas. It will spare no effort in promoting the integrative innovation and development of the printing industry with wearable devices, flexible displays, photovoltaic products and other frontier fields, thereby contributing further to the sound and sustainable growth of the printing industry in China and the world at large.


In addition, over 60 summit forums and technological exchanges will be held concurrently during Print China 2019 to pool wisdom and inspire thinking towards leading the trend of the world printing technologies. Among them, major events include Forum-PT 2019, The Second Asian﹣Pacific Day, Asia Print 2019, Global Print 2019, The Award-giving Meeting for the Science and Technology Award of China’s Printing Equipment, 2019 China Digital Printing Summit Forum, and China Packaging Printing Development Forum.


China Print and Print China, based in North and South China respectively, are the two major exhibitions organized by The Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China. The Organizing Committee would like to have continuous attention, support and participation of friends in the printing business both in and outside China. Through joined effort and collaborative innovation, let’s come together to build a bright future for the world printing industry and press forward to make greater contributions.