About the Exhibition

Brief Introduction to Print China 2023

Exhibition Plan

Time: April 11-15, 2023

Venue: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

Display Area: 140 thousand square meters

No. of Exhibitors: Over 1200

Visitor Size: 20,000 visits


Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China



Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China


The Printing and Replicating Industrial Association of Guangdong


China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation


Print China Show Company Limited

China Print Show Company Limited

International Support


Global Print


Asia Print


Overview of the Sponsors

Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China

The Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC), a nationwide social organization, was founded on 28 December 1985 in Beijing. It works as a “bridge” between the government and enterprises. PEIAC is divided into three parts: printing, printing equipment and printing material. It is a users association, a manufacturers association and one of the initiators of Global Print and Asia Print. Currently it has 1,500 member units, 48 group members (including 31 provincial and municipal printing associations) and over 50,000 indirect members.

Major functions of PEIAC:

Communicate the opinions and requirements of its members to the government and the administrative department in charge;

Provide members with information, policy consultation and other services, and provide information on domestic and overseas markets in a timely manner;

Complete the tasks entrusted by the government;

Organize cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, industry trainings, technical consultations and information exchanges; provide technical R&D, training, promotion and other services in relation to the production operations of its members;

Conduct anti-dumping, anti-monopoly and anti-subsidy investigations on behalf of the industry associations and respond to relevant lawsuits; carry out investigations on industry damage; coordinate to solve related trade disputes, etc;

Host international printing exhibitions and conferences, etc.

The Printing and Replicating Industrial Association of Guangdong

The Printing and Replicating Industrial Association of Guangdong (PRIAGD), formerly known as Guangdong Association of Printing Technology and Guangdong Printing Association, was established in March 1979, with approval of the Civil Society Authority under the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province. PRIAGD receives operational guidance from Guangdong Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and is a member unit directly under Guangdong Association for Science and Technology. PRIAGD members are mostly enterprises engaging in book and periodical printing, packaging decoration, supply of printing and packaging equipment and consumables, CD copying and others, in addition to printing technology colleges and other large, small and medium-sized institutions in the same trade. With up to 568 group member units as of 2011, PRIAGD has become the largest printing and replicating social organization in the province, maintaining good communication and exchange with all printing associations at the prefectural and municipal level.

China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation

Affiliated to China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Chamber of International Commerce, China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC) is chairman unit of China Association for Exhibition Centers and members of China Enterprise Confederation, the Union of International Fairs (UFI) and International Association for Exposition Management (IAEM). Its main business includes exhibition hall operation and management, exhibition organization and participation at home and abroad, exhibition project, exhibition site advertising, exhibit transportation and other exhibition related services. CIEC is a leader in the domestic exhibition industry.