PRINT CHINA 2019 Organising Committee Visits Participating Enterprises in Shanghai Winning Positive Response

Since the official start of registration in July 2017, PRINT CHINA 2019 has won positive response and participation from the professional enterprises. On March 15-16, the Organising Committee participated in the 125th anniversary event held by BOBST in Shanghai and visited Kodak Company to discuss the latest development of the printing industry. They exchanged ideas on the participation of PRINT CHINA 2019. 

In the afternoon of March 15, Mr. Chang’an LU, Vice Chairman of Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC), Ms. Fengna WANG, Deputy Secretary-general of PEIAC, Mr. Kent WANG, Deputy Project Director of China Print Show Company Limited were invited to participate in the 125th Anniversary of BOBST’s annual event. They met with Mr. Ying JIANG, Sales Manager of Business Department of Chinese Printing of BOBST, and Mr. Jiajun CHEN, Manager of Marketing Department of BOBST. At the meeting, BOBST expressed that the company will continue to support the activities of PEIAC and actively participate in PRINT CHINA 2019. 


On March 16, the Organising Committee of PRINT CHINA visited Kodak (China) Investment Co.,Ltd. and held talks with Mr. Simon GAN, President of Kodak Greater China. First of all, Mr. Simon GAN welcomed the arrival of the leaders of the PRINT CHINA 2019 Organising Committee; he then briefed the leaders of the Committee on the latest developments of the company, and discussed with the Committee leaders by referring to the market characteristics. At the same time, he stated that he has been paying attention to the progress of PRINT CHINA 2019. He hoped that the two sides can maintain close communication and that Kodak will continue supporting and participating as usual, and the detailed exhibition plan will be implemented as soon as possible. 


Chang’an LU (second from the right), Vice Chairman of PEIAC, Fengna WANG (third from the left), Deputy Secretary-general of PEIAC, Kent WANG (first from the left), Deputy Project Director of China Print Show Company Limited and Simon GAN (third from the right), President of Greater China of Kodak (China) Investment Co.,Ltd., Jie WANG (second from the left), Sales Director of Kodak Greater China, and Zhenghua HE (first from the right), Sales Manager of Kodak East China took a photo. 


Mr. Chang’an LU, Vice Chairman of PEIAC (first from the left), and Ms. Fengna WANG (second from the left), Deputy Secretary-general of PEIAC held a talk with Kodak principals. 

Since the launch of the registration work, PRINT CHINA 2019 has received positive feedback and support from the industry. As of March 19, nearly 400 companies have submitted applications online, reserving nearly 70,000 square meters of exhibition space. Enterprises both at home and abroad are actively entering for it. The exhibition reservation work is being under way smoothly.