PRINT CHINA 2019 – Booth Reserved Over 110,000 Square Metre

Since the preparation for PRINT CHINA 2019 has been starting, close attention and great support have been given by the printing industry; hence a smooth progress has been met. Up to the 30th of April, approximately 800 enterprises submitted booth applications covering 110,000 square metres, which occupies 80% of the total exhibition area.

Currently, the booths have been allocated in progress. More than 80% booths in Comprehensive Brand Hall (Hall 3) has been settled, including booths for Heidelberg, Koenig & Bauer AG, Komori, Bobst, Highcon, Scodix, Ryobi Mitsubishi, Masterwork, JMD, Jinbao, Zhengrun, Huayue, Tiancen, Zenbo, Guowang, Hongming, Hongjing, Dongke, Zhengtu, Guangming, Changhexing, Haosheng, ST Machinery, Sino-MV and Shiheng. The booth allocation for Digital Pre-press Hall (Hall 1) have also been approaching to an end – prestigious enterprises including HP, Konica Minolta, Founder Group, Ricoh, Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, Epson, Esko, Cron, Lucky Huaguang, Konita, Amsky and Strong will have been showcasing at the fair. Besides, other booths applied to be settled in halls for label printing, post-press and finishing, equipments and consumables have also been allocating in progress.

The Organising Committee of PRINT CHINA 2019 would like to extend our warm gratitude to all people from the printing industry who have been always paying close attention and great support to our fair. We will continue our perfect service towards all exhibitors and professional visitors. 10-year fruitful experience with a new re-launch, PRINT CHINA 2019 will be based on a new starting point, portraying a new blueprint, focusing into the new era and be a navigator in the industry. A much broader, fashioned and high-end platform for multilateral communication and trade will be built in PRINT CHINA 2019.