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The Profile of PEIAC

Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC) was founded on 28 December 1985 in Beijing. PEIAC is a nationwide social economic organization. It has 1300 company members, 47 group members (including local printing associations). PEIAC is not only a customers association, but also a manufacturers association. PEIAC works as a “bridge” between the government and enterprises and is a non-profit social organ.

PEIAC has 10 sub-associations and 7 committees
Book & Periodical Printing Sub-association, Newspaper Printing Subassociation, Package Printing and Converting Sub-association, Printing Equipment Sub-association, Printing Material Sub-association, Screen Printing Sub-association, Quick Print Sub-association, Digital and Network Printing Subassociation, Inkjet Printing Sub-association, Label Printing Sub-association. 
Exhibition Work Committee, Printing Technology Committee, Enterprises Service Committee, Group Member Service Committee, Education and Training Committee, Information Working Committee, Artwork Reproducing Working Committee.
Other branches: Print China Publishing Company Limited, Beijing Printway Printing Consulting Co.,Ltd, China Print Show Company Limited.
The Tenet of PEIAC
To serve its members; to serve printing industries; to promote the development of printing, printing equipment and printing material industries of China.
The Major Tasks of PEIAC
● Investigate, collect, sort out and promulgate basic information for the printing industry. To put forward the policy proposition for the vitalization of printing and printing equipment and material industries of China.
● Arrange technical exchange and cooperation at home and abroad. To spread successful results of scientific research, advanced technologies and experiences of management. Work out and set up quality standards, and lay down rules and regulations.
● Enhance the activities of cooperation and exchange with foreign associations and economic bodies in the same field.
● Organize Chinese manufacturers to exhibit their products abroad, organize Chinese printers to visit foreign printing exhibitions.
● Hold international important events, such as:
China Print— Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (every four years);
Print China— International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) (sisterevent of CHINA PRINT every four years);
FORUM-PI — International Forum for the Development of Printing Industries (every four years in Beijing);
FORUM-PT— International Forum for the Development of Printing Technology (every four years in Guangdong);
INFOPRINT— Beijing International Printing Information Conference (every year in Beijing);
CPA— China Print Awards (every other year).